Eteri Chkadua

Eve's teritory 1990
Hunters 1988
Late guest 2005

Eteri, who was born and raised in soviet Georgian based in New York since 1992, via Chicago, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Montréal and currently living in New York and Kingston, Jamaica, uses her many invented personate to create a construct of contemporary female identity, a container for social and cultural values that are ultimately Georgian, in dialogue with multiple perspectives and displacements that characterize many of today's peripatetic artists. Eteri, however, dresses her radiant, neo-dada babes in the painstaking, labor-intensive techniques of the old masters (she only completes three or four paintings a year) which includes the use of oil paint on a linen support, a brilliant palette and high-definition, mimetic skills worthy of a sixteen century Flemish artist, techniques acquired at the Georgian academy of fine arts. These are autobiographical works, even a travelogue of sort a semiotic of high and low tourism keyed to events in her as they unfold with flashbacks that recall and reinvent the country she has left, like Hollywood movie posters, with Caucasus slant.
From the article "Picturing a Georgian artist as a New Amazon and Woman of the World" by Lilly Wei, curator, essayist and critic / Art in America / ART news / Art Asia Pacific.

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