Tamuna Melikishvili

2003 Installation “Noah’s Arc”
"Make-up table"
"The Battle"

Tamuna Melikishvili (born 1965) is a Georgian artist; an art director for animation films, a video artist and generally one of the most active artists today in Tbilisi.
She has long list of projects and exhibitions - her works were presented in nearly every gallery in Tbilisi, and her installation "Noah's Arc" (shown above), is a part of the collection of the Centre of Modern Art in Moscow.
A few days ago she sent me a text about her painting "The Battle" – here's a fragment from it:
Sometimes epos stands alone from space and time – the story reflected in it could happen in the north, east or west. In the mythology, Caucasus is seen as the place of Prometheus’ punishment. Georgia as well has a mythological-heroic character – a prototype of Prometheus – Amirani. His story exists since before the alphabet, and so his tales were passed from one generation to the next verbally.
The theme of The Battle is persistent in Georgian epos – as a ritual, as good and evil facing each other, as constant activity, as confrontation. This project reflects epos reality – abstract, pseudo historical battle of heroes.

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