Catherine Sharashidze

Eka Sharashidze, born in 1972, lives and works as a photo artist in Berlin.
In 1995 Eka graduated from State Academy of Arts, in Tbilisi and the same year moved to Germany.
I heard about Eka from Ralph and his blog GEORGIA & SOUTH CAUCASUS her photo, architectural fragments and collages of buildings from different cities looked unique, minimalistic and of course I was more then interested to show her works in the blog and here they are.

Photo collages, Berlin
Wall people (fragments)

Since 14th of Fabruary in Cité Free Art Gallery in Berlin is Ekas solo exhibition witch will continue till 15th of March 2009 or if you can not visit her solo exhibition here her web page.


Ralph Hälbig said...
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Ralph Hälbig said...

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kargad, nino!

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