FLY AWAY by Sophia Cherkezishvili 2005©CAC

I was introduced first to Sophia Cherkezishvilis works through the Actual Art website. Sophos creations captured my attention and I immediately contacted Alexandra Gabunia from Actual Art and eventually got to Sophia, and posted her art on the Georgian Female Artist's blog.
Sophias diverse artwork is incredibly poetic and so I am very happy to share one of her most powerful videos "Fly Away". In addition, I conducted a short e-mail interview with Sopho to further enlighten us about herself and her art.

1. What was the working process on "Fly Away"? Can you run us through it from the planning of it till the editing?
First of all I had an image in my mind and just after while came the words, then the image in my mind started to move and it became like one painting which is moving and conveying all this text which is very important for me.

2. How do you balance between video, installation and painting?
Mostly I balance through the concept. For me it is much interesting to work in different forms and media, even though the process is so different.

3. How would you explain the message of your film?
"Fly away" is little story of a women, a story that has no end. The symbolic point was probably that every woman wears her own dress like her own destin, and it is the most beautiful dress.

4. How you would describe video art in Georgia and which tendencies are recognizable?
I can not answer this question. Personally I feel that if art is good, then it is good, if not…it's not, and it's the same in Georgia.

5. What has been inspiring for you lately?
Life, life and again life!


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Gender Harmony said...

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