Maka Batiashvili


Maka Batiashvili, born 1975, lives and works in Tbilisi.
In 1997 she finished her studies at the State Academy of Arts, also in Tbilisi. Since then she has been presenting her paintings and video art in various group and solo exhibitions in countries such as France, USA, Germany, Turkey, UK, Armenia, Holland and Georgia.
I know her art through Georgien Blogspot and Art Club Caucasus, both of these serve as important spotlights on Georgian art. A few days ago I met Maka (virtually), and now I am glad to see her work on my list of Female Georgian Artists. In the future I hope to present here Maka's video art, next to more of her paintings.


Omri said...

Melancholic and beautiful. What a wonderful blog :)

Gender Harmony said...

Georgian naivete! very nice!