Ilona B.Keil

After 10 years of being apart, we meet again. Strange that this happens in Düsseldorf; the city of glamour, brands and the known art academy (from which I still hear echoes of Beuys, Richter and Gründgens).

This evening Ilona showed me her most private works and, according to her, her first conceptual series. Without saying so, it feels that this series is too private to display publicly right now, but one day we both might feel differently.

So, I post for now some other great and poetic works by Ilona: one was made after her first visit to Düsseldorf and the other is her 2005 portrait of Gerhard Richter.

Translation from German

I wanted to keep you "true" in my memory; I did not make a photo of you.

Next day I went to the place, where we sat together, I wanted to keep the image of what we have seen together.


Omri said...

wonderful, poetic work by Ilona, and wonderful, important and dedicated work by Nino!

Nino said...

Thank you!